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Wednesday, December 22

:: [208] | " a turn over! *OMG! ...~" ::

p/s: i just cant believe my eyes that this is happening.... right in front of our office @Jalan Semangat Section 14 PJ, yesterday in the morning. i was quite late yesterday... at around 10 in the morning as i approaching the office area, the traffic suddenly seemed a bit stiffed where usually on normal days, there shuden be any traffic cramp at this area. i heard its a 'she' who made this complete turn over. she must be in a high speed situation. i dunno the details. i just heard this and that. i really hope they are fine (its actually involved another myvi too)... what a shocking morning~ so berhati-hatilah people!

p/s 2: tengah gile2 mencari mase utk update blog... huhu~


Anisa Hang Tuah said...



.ib. said...

yup, shocking kan... a complete turn over! *haih...

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