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Wednesday, March 2

:: [233] | "I hate u, remember?~" ::

Sumting I hate the most happened yesterday.

It was when that stupid moron came to my place and tried to 'talk' to me???!!! I went like, WHAT THE F4CKING THING ARE YOU TRYING TO DO HERE??? I hate u, remember? I HATE YOU SO DAYM F4CK!

Is it so hard for you to understand that simple F rule? U hurt me so badly and I can't forgive u, like forever! U know what, every single day I wish that u pegi mamposlah and GTH! I dun care about u. Mampos lagi bagus!

Yet, still u didn't get it and act like nothing daym happened. OMG. U r a f4cking loser! Like seriously, A DOUBLE LOSER! DO I REALLY HAVE TO SPELL IT FOR U SO THAT U WILL UNDERSTAND ME, MORON?


P/s: siriusly, dialah manusia paling annoying pernah ako jumpe! PEGI MAMPOSLAH!!!

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